Medidia GmbH

Chip-removing and micro-machining tools from Idar-Oberstein

Welcome to Medidia Diamond Technology, your partner for development and production of precision tools made of mono-crystalline diamonds, CVD diamond, and PCD. 

From its headquarters in Idar-Oberstein, the “capital” of German gemstones, Medidia has supplied leading industrial, R&D and medical business companies with diamond precision tools since 1989. Comprehensive advice is for us just as self-evident as a friendly service.

  Engraving and Scratching Diamonds

  Hardness Testing Diamonds

  Diamond Knives

  Rough Diamond Trade

  Contract Machining of Diamonds

  Grinding and Polishing Powders


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Alte Poststrasse 23

D-55743 Idar-Oberstein, Germany

Phone +49 (0)6781 31093

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Chip-removing and micro-machining tools

Our production program encompasses the entire range of diamond tools with defined blades.

Dressing tools

During the grinding process, there are many factors affecting the quality of the tool, e.g. concentricity, geometric shape and the optimal effective roughness of the grinding disc surface.


Medidia processes only high quality mono-crystalline diamonds, CVD diamonds and PCD cutting materials.


In addition to manufacturing the high precision tools, Medidia also offers its discerning customers a comprehensive service. We always find an effective and meaningful solution for your project.